1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6  •  718-338-3838 Vol. XVII, No. 1 PUBLISHED BY COMPREHENSIVE NETWORK, INC.  on behalf of its participating agencies, dedicated to health care, educational, bilingual & rehabilitation staffing & consultant services. 1 According  to  the  federal  government's  National  Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 16 percent of kids are overweight   –   roughly   triple   the   figure   from   1980. Preventative   medicine   has   already   conquered   many childhood   infectious   diseases.   Car   seats   and   bicycle helmets have helped save untold numbers of young lives. Education and legal suits have illuminated the dangers of smoking.   But   experts   fear   that   without   a   lifestyle makeover, today's overweight kids will live shorter, more diseased lives than their parents. A great contributor to this problem lies within the hallways of  our  school  systems  where  students  have  access  to vending machines that offer unlimited soda and snacks. Soft drink advertising accounts for more than three billion dollars worth of spending, much of it aimed at children. Brand loyalty is ingrained in America's youth at a young age, and the soft drink industry offers schools monetary incentives to have the exclusive “pouring rights” to ensure that students associate with their brands.  In 2002, it was estimated  that  the  soft  drink  industry  paid  two  hundred and  forty  United  States school districts for exclusive pouring rights in their schools. These schools are actively facilitating the nation's growing childhood obesity epidemic. LIKE  WEIGHT, THE PROBLEM  HAS  CREPT UP  SLOWLY  UNNOTICED  OR DISREGARDED UNTIL IT  REACHED  CRISIS PROPORTIONS. Cont’d on page 3 DESPITE  A  NATIONAL OBSESSION  WITH EXERCISE  & LOSING WEIGHT,  TODAY  ONE- THIRD  OF  AMERICANS  ARE  NOT JUST  OVERWEIGHT,  BUT  OBESE. Page 2 •  From the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR •  Update on AUTISM •  Professional Enrichment Program: JUNE 11-12 Page 5 •  HIDDEN VISION Problems in Children •  Girls BULLYING Girls •  Professional Enrichment Program: MARCH 26 - 27 Laying the Foundation: An overview of Required Knowledge & Skill Sets for RID Certification •   Sign to Voice Interpretation •    Voice to Sign Interpretation •    Professional Practice Interview. Presented by  Dr. Jan Humphrey, co-author of the popular text   "So you want to be an interpreter?: An Introduction to sign language interpreting" and author of "Decisions? Decisions!, a practical guide on ethics & professionalism for sign   language professionals." For more information & registration, call Cheyn Weinstein at 718-338-3838, ext. 420 Coming Soon… New Workshop Series for SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS By Janice H. Humphrey, Ed.D., CSC, COI