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5 never seen. But once Isabelle settled into her new school, her progress was slow yet steady. Though she still has oral sensory issues and speech delays, she is learning to express herself once again.  With the help of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and ABA therapy, Isabelles speech, language and social skills are improving. Elizabeth’s advice to other parents of autistic children is to have patience and to expect a lot from their child. When I gave up on Isabelle, she did nothing. When I began to get in her face and demand things of her, she started to meet my expectations. She is really coming out of her shell now,” says Elizabeth. Elizabeth is now rising to the chal- lenge of caring for Isabelle. While she doesnt look too far into the future, Elizabeth hopes that one day her daugh- ter will be viewed as normal,” and will be able to discard the label “disabled.” Elizabeths tenacity, sensitivity and devotion are sure to bring Isabelle far in meeting this goal. THE BENEFITS OF HOME-BASED EI SERVICES AUTISM – A MOTHER’S STORY Cont’d from page 1 Netcare, Inc. provides a variety of home-based Early Intervention services throughout a rapidly growing service area. Unlike traditional service delivery models in which intervention is removed from the childs natural environment and routine, home-based services provide teachers and therapists with many rich opportunities to facilitate a childs learning and develop- ment in naturalistic and meaningful interactions that often include other family members. The home-based model also enables service providers to be an ongoing source of family support and education. Through ongoing interaction with teachers and thera- pists, families are empowered to more effectively contribute to their child’s development in all domains, as well as to serve as informed advocates on behalf of their children, now and in the future. This enriching model naturally includes additional challenges and professional responsibilities. Netcare provides educational and clinical support for teachers and therapists. Multi-disciplinary services are expertly coordinated, issues discussed and resolved, and senior consultants are available to staff. For more information regarding these resources and workshops, call 718-677-4140. • Our new Bronx satellite office, located at 1126 Pelham Parkway South, has taken off, and we are already providing services to  a  growing  number  of  children  and families in the borough. • Our  experienced  personnel  provide quality services throughout the Bronx, in the childs natural environment: daycare centers,   homes,   community-based settings, etc. • When  appropriate,  evaluations  and services are provided in the childs natural EWS | NEWS | NEWS | NEW IVE | COMPREHENSIVE | CO language with emphasis on the cultural diversity of each child and family. • We have recently been awarded approval by  the  State  Department  of  Health  to expand  our  Early  Intervention  services to  include  center-based  services,  group developmental  services,  family  support groups and parent-child groups. • Our first order of business is to initiate a  Mommy-and-Me  group  at  our  Bronx location. The groups (one hour, twice a week)  will  focus  on  such  issues  as behavior  management  and  carry-over techniques  and  provide  an  hour  of socialization  opportunities  for  the children. Plans are in place to move our Brooklyn EI division to a new location in order to accommodate the growing staff of service and administrative coordinators.  Next,  we  are  looking  to  open  another satellite office in Queens to accommodate the growing need there. Janice Chisolm, EI Bronx Regional Director, and Dr. Joseph Geliebter at Open House