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2 FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Joseph Geliebter,  Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief Joseph Geliebter, Ph.D. Managing Editor Leah Schlager, MA, MBA Contributing Editors Deborah Eisenberg, MS, PT; Mari Lazar, Sonia Lopez Contributing Writers Elisheva Schlam, Donna Stefkovich, Ed,D., CCC/SLP Photo Editor Ivan Norman © 2003 Comprehensive Network, Inc. On Tuesday, October 15, Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr.  and  Assemblyman  Jeff  Klein  attended  an  open  house  high- lighting the companys newest offices at 1126 Pelham Parkway South. The two elected officials were given a tour of the facilities and shown exactly what the program has to offer the community. “Healthcare-related facilities are very important,” said Klein. “Com- prehensive offers an array of services that public schools are not able  to  offer  children  in  wheelchairs  or  on  ventilators.  It  is  an impressive program taking care of our most important popula- tion, our kids. The program calls for school nurses from Comprehensive to supervise wellness programs, provide care (i.e. dispensing medi- cation)  to  children  with  special  medical  needs  throughout  the school day, and escort children with special needs to and from school. Early intervention professionals, including speech, occu- pational,  and  physical  therapists,  and  bilingual  social  workers and coordinators, offer services to children with developmental delays from birth to three years old. Exceptional performance by Comprehensives registered nurses and Netcares early interven- tion professionals were recognized at the open house with the presentation of the Nursing with a Difference and Builders of Bright Futures” Awards. According  to  Dr.  Joseph  Geliebter,  Executive  Director  of Comprehensive, these nurses are impacting the lives of the chil- dren  on  a  daily  basis.  The  acute  shortage  of  nurses  and  early intervention specialists in this area is impacting on the develop- ment and education of local children, he said. Our goal is to provide  quality  services  that  will  make  a  real  difference  in  the lives of children and families throughout the Bronx. (Reprinted from Bronx Times, October 31, 2002) COMPREHENSIVE OPENS NEW OFFICES IN THE BRONX Cont’d  from page 1 New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has announced an instructional plan for New York City schools that boils down to ... freedom for schools that thrive, and a uniform curriculum and schedule ... for those that struggle. This soon-to-be implemented citywide curriculum is in the spirit of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 endorsed by President Bush. In accordance with these new educational initiatives, Comprehensive has added professional staff development, parenting workshops, and educational enrichment programs to our roster of offerings. These programs expand our base of services to disadvantaged students attending mainstream schools. Not only are educational and rehabilitation services mandated for school children and preschoolers, but under the Early Intervention Program they are also available to children from birth to three. Early diagnosis and intervention have long been recognized as being exceptionally effective in the effort to awaken each childs latent capabilities and to help children attain their personal potential.  (See our piece on The Benefits of Home-Based EI Services.”) Not only are we diversifying, but we are also extending our services geographically.  In October, we opened our new offices in the Bronx, increasing and enhancing our services in that community. This issue focuses on Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which seems to have inexplicably affected an increasing number of children in the last decade. Weve included an inspirational story – an interview with a mother of a child diagnosed with autism – and a feature article discussing the manifestations of the disorder, the most recent studies and theories, the confusion and hope regarding its causes, and the possible treatments presently available, including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).  As old myths die and new information and discoveries are tested, parents, teachers and therapists will find new pathways to reach the minds of these lost children. Finally, we are pleased to announce that we are presenting new and exciting continuing-education seminars and workshops dealing with such topics as ABA and Early Intervention. A variety of hands-on clinical opportunities will aid professionals in expanding their horizons, knowledge and skills in order to reach children as early and effectively as possible. Sincerely, Awardees Althea Spencer, RN, (l) and Michelle Thomas, Netcare Service Coordinator, (r) with Bronx Borough President, Adolfo Carrion, Jr., and Dr. Joseph Geliebter